BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush

My newborn son had a a GI irritation that resulted in constant acidic poops.  His bum was raw with open blisters for over 40 days. Bringing relief to him consumed my every thought.  At one point I read that proper diaper cream application included washing your hands BEFORE applying diaper cream. I knew this was not practical and was also tired of constantly smelling cream on my hands, so I invented a better way. The BabyBum Diaper Cream Brush is made of 100% soft flexible silicone and is perfectly designed to gently brush diaper cream on little bums.

 BabyBum Diaper Changing Glove-Saks™

 I wanted a product to handle those on-the-go dirty diapers and blow-outs in a more sanitary and convenient way.  I created the 3-in-1 diaper changing Glove-Saks serve as a disposable glove, a dirty diaper sack, and can be split open and used as a changing pad to protect your surfaces!  They are even large enough to hold soiled clothing! Throw a few Glove-Saks in your purse, and one day you will be glad you have 'em "on hand"!NOTE: Wearing a Glove-Sak (or other disposable gloves) is not a substitution for hand washing. Parents should follow CDC guidelines and always wash/sanitize their hands following a diaper change. 

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